FAS Cores Instrument Resources

Chemical and Biophysical Instrumentation Center

2 Varian Mercury-300 MHz
2 Bruker Avance-400 MHz
2 Bruker Avance-500 MHz  (+ Autotune/match probe)
Varian 500 MHz (Wide-bore)
Varian 600 MHz
Varian 800 MHz
Varian 500 MHz - macromolecular
Varian 600 MHz - macromolecular
2 Varian 400MHz

Agilent 5973 GC/MS
Applied Biosystems, Voyager DE-Pro MALDI-TOF
Waters/Micromass, Alliance-ZQ LC/MS

Rigaku SCXMini Single Crystal XRD
Rigaku 007 HF X-ray generator with Saturn 944+ CCD and Mar 345 dtb IP detectors
Bruker D8-Focus Powder XRD

TTP Labtech Mosquito
Rigaku Alchemist liquid handler

ThermoElectron FT – IR/Raman
Cary 3E UV-VIS
PE-341 Polarimeter
Shimadzu Fluorescence Spectrometer
Applied PhotoPhysics Chirascan CD spectrometer
Horiba Time-Domain Fluorescence Spectrometer

Varian E-9 EPR
Bruker EPR

MicroCal ITC
MicroCall DSC
Beckman Analytical UltraCentrifuge

For further information contact Chris Incarvito

Chemistry Glass Shop

Two-stage vacuum system, 10 Torr range
Tip off of apparatus and NMR tube samples, back fill also available
Annealing ovens to 1400 degrees Celsius

For further information on the capabilities of the Glass Shop, contact Daryl Smith.

DNA Analysis Facility on Science Hill

ABI 3130XL

Contact Carol Mariani for further information.


3 Thermo MAT 253 Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS)
1 Thermo Delta Plus Advantage Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS)
1 Thermo Delta Plus XP Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS)
3 Thermo Gas Chromatography-Combustion (GCC) interfaces with Trace GC
1 Thermo H-Device water analyzer
1 Custom-Built Laser Fluorination system
1 Thermo TC/EA carbon reduction/pyrolysis system
1 Thermo GasBench II headspace gas sampler
1 CosTech ECS 4010 Elemental Analyzer (EA)
1 NWR Micromill combination microscope/miller
4 Custom-Built vacuum lines

See website for further detail on instrument configuration http://earth.geology.yale.edu/escsis/ESCSIS-web4.html or contact Gerry Olack.

G&G Microprobe


For more information contact James Eckert.


Scintag PAD V diffractometer

For more information contact James Eckert.


XL-30 Environmental SEM
Carbon Coater

For more information, contact Zhenting Jiang.

Gibbs Machine Shop

Lathes and Milling Machines
CNC Lathe
CNC 2 Axis Milling Machines
CNC 3 Axis milling Machine
24-Inch Gap Lathe
Radial Drill Press
8-Foot Hydraulic Shear (1/2 Steel Shearing Capacity)
24-Inch Sheet Metal Brake
Electric Discharge Machine (EDM)
O.D./I.D. and surface grinding machines
Leak Detection
Sand and Dry Peen Blasting
TIG and MIG Welding

Contact Vincent Bernardo for further information about these resources.

SEAS Cleanroom

Chemical Process:
Acid Bench
Base Bench
Solvent Bench
Soft Lithography Process Bench
Photoresist Bench
Lithography Process Bench
CMOS Chemical Process Area
Special Projects Hood

Karl Suss MJB-3 Contact Mask Aligner
EVG 620 Contact/Proximity Mask Aligner
Heidelberg DWL-66 Laser Mask Writer
TRE Mask Maker
Laurell WS-400 6NPP Spinners
Headway Spinner
APT Plate Developer
YES Vacuum Oven

KLA-Tencor ASIQ Profiler
Rudolph AutoEL II Ellipsometer
Nanometrics NanoSpec 3000 Film Thickness Measurement System
Leitz Inspection Microscope
MCS/AXIC HF-6 Asher/Etcher
Oxford Plasmalab 80 Reactive Ion Etching System
Oxford Plasmalab 100 Reactive Ion Etching System
Group Sciences Inc. Ultradep 1000 PECVD System

CVD Four Tube Diffusion Furnace
Surface Science Integration Solaris Rapid Thermal Processor
Lindburg Anneal Furnace
Box Furnace

Vacuum Deposition:
Edwards Thermal Evaporation System
Denton Infinity 22 E-Beam Thermal Evaporation System
Kurt Lesker EJ1800 Thin Film Deposition System (PETE)
Kurt J. Lesker Supersystem III Series Multisource Deposition System

For information about how to access these resources, contact Michael Power.

Small Molecule Discovery Center

Robotic liquid handling systems:
Freedom EVO Workstation (Tecan)
Aquarius liquid handler (Tecan)
PlateMatePlus (2, Matrix)
PlateMate2X2 (Matrix)
Several Multidrop 384-well and 96-well liquid dispensers
96 and 384 pin-tools for transfer of 20 or 100 nanoliters
96- and 384-well microtiter plate washers

Envision multi-label plate reader for colorimetric, fluorescent, fluorescence polarization, luminescence, time-resolved fluorescence and ALPHAScreen (3, PerkinElmer)
Pathway multifluorescent/brightfield microscope for microtiter plates (BD Biosciences)
Platereader with liquid dispensing to measure calcium flux, FlexStationII (Molecular Dynamics)

Other Available Equipment:
Centrifuges with plate adaptors
Plate shaker
Barcode printer
Biosafety cabinets
CO2 water-jacketed incubators
Light microscopes, one with epi-fluorescence

Contact Janie Merkel for futher details about these resources.


Hitachi SU-70 SEM
Philips/FEI XL 30 SEM
Focused Ion Beam
Veeco Dimension Atomic Force Microscope
Denton Carbon sputtering tool

Contact Micheal Rooks for further information.